Wedding in Frascati surrounded by vineyards and view!

Katie and John made for a most enjoyable marriage for us. A beautiful English couple, a cool day at the end of April and Frascati, a town outside Rome, renowned for its Tuscolane Villas and symbol of the Castelli Romani, also famous as the “city of wine”. What made this wedding special for us wedding planners is the choice of the spouses to celebrate the most important day of their lives with their closest friends, strolling through the alleys of this charming

Wedding in Tivoli

From beautiful New York a young couple in love came to visit us in Rome. Sam & Michael after many emails and calls in which they described Weddings in Rome how they wanted the most important day of their lives to be, they decided to get married in a small and lovely town near Rome, Tivoli. Sam, our bride, got ready at a beautiful historic palace in the center of town, together with our make-up-artist and the pleasant company of one of

Our Turkish Wedding in Rome!

This couple was a real find! Zeynep and Omer came from the magical Instabul to Rome to join in marriage. We had a first meeting at our wedding planners in Rome office in the center of Rome to define together all the details regarding their big day! They were very excited and a little agitated too! We then went together to the beautiful Camponeschi restaurant which is located in the elegant Piazza Farnese. They tasted the dishes planned for their reception

Marriage proposal in Rome!

Simple things are the most beautiful … it couldn’t be more true! Kevin contacted our company, Weddings in Rome,  to arrange a marriage proposal for his partner Marion, while they were traveling in our capital, Rome! A beautiful May day spent at the famous “Giardino degli Aranci” at the top of the Aventine hill. At the most beautiful hour, at sunset, from above, in front of a breathtaking view on a bench, Marion found a splendid bouquet of red roses and a bottle

Civil Wedding In Rome

A lovely Australian couple had a legal Italian wedding ceremony at Rome’s beautiful Town Hall called Vignola Mattei. The town hall is a commanding sight right in the center of Rome and steps from the Colosseum. The Vignola Mattei town hall in Rome, is an ancient former church, surrounded by gardens offering a lovely atmosphere. Lauren and Dave were determined to get married in Rome and in less than two months our wedding planning agency, Weddings in Rome, planned all the required

Why elope to Rome

A laid-back wedding for two has undeniable romantic and logistical benefits. Even if you’re planning a low-key wedding, you should still give your elopement some attention. You must decide where to do it, what to wear, how to make it memorable, and what to do afterwards, all while dealing with the accompanying emotions. Elopement can be done for a variety of reasons, including saving money, keeping things close and personal, and avoiding family controversy. Furthermore, eloping to a destination wedding simplifies

Elopement in Rome

A sweet young Irish couple had a legal Italian ceremony at Rome’s beautiful Town Hall called Campidoglio. The town hall is a commanding sight right in the center of Rome and steps from the Roman Forums. The Campidoglio has a rich and elegant atmosphere with a formal interior, draped in red velvet. Their ceremony was quite moving considering the difficult times it took place: during Covid pandemic. Kirsten and Peter were brave and determined they went ahead and had their romantic wedding in

Fall Wedding in Rome

What does the word “ottobrata romana” mean? It’s a month which attracts tourists from the whole world.  A unique month for its climate, light and perfume. It’s a second summer, other cities have only one summer, Rome has two! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I can never seem to get enough of the foliage or the flavors, and when it comes to a wedding, there are infinite possibilities to incorporate the season into your celebration. The autumn


The gorgeous church where the couple chose to get married was located in the heart of Rome. The ornate décor inside the church created the perfect ambiance for this fall wedding. The lovely serenade of the organist echoed in the walls that created the most romantic atmosphere as the bride walked down the aisle. Cecil was simply breathtaking. She wore a fairytale dress with elegant floral detail, Jonathan was all smiles as his beautiful bride-to-be walked down the aisle. It

American Wedding Rome


Our American couple, celebrated their October wedding in the iconic city of Rome. Roughly 35 guests gathered in the basilica.The facade, with Romanesque-Byzantine motifs, has a prothyrum supported by columns, an arched loggia which featured a beautiful staircase in front, a wonderful backdrop for wedding photos.  Beautiful Erica got ready with her close family and bridesmaids at an elegant and spacious apartment nearby.  An elegant Excalibur escorted her to the church where handsome Grant with groomsmen and family and friends were