Civil Wedding In Rome

A lovely Australian couple had a legal Italian wedding ceremony at Rome’s beautiful Town Hall called Vignola Mattei. The town hall is a commanding sight right in the center of Rome and steps from the Colosseum. The Vignola Mattei town hall in Rome, is an ancient former church, surrounded by gardens offering a lovely atmosphere.

Lauren and Dave were determined to get married in Rome and in less than two months our wedding planning agency, Weddings in Rome, planned all the required paperwork for Australian citizens wanting to get married in Rome. We arranged for the Atto Notorio, translations, legalizations and registration at the Registrar office in Rome. All the formalities went smoothly and fast!

Lauren looked exquisite in her wedding dress and glorious sun glasses all Audrey Hepburn inspired, she looked glamorous! Their vows exchange was sincerely moving. One can tell just how happy and in love they are by their radiant smiles and the look in their eyes.

They had their photos taken at beautiful places all over Rome. No doubt, their photo record will be a memorable treasure for them.

We will thank them forever for trusting us and choosing Rome for their special day. We wish the happy couple all the best, and are so glad to have been a part of their wedding day in Rome!