Wedding in Tivoli

From beautiful New York a young couple in love came to visit us in Rome.

Sam & Michael after many emails and calls in which they described Weddings in Rome how they wanted the most important day of their lives to be, they decided to get married in a small and lovely town near Rome, Tivoli.

Sam, our bride, got ready at a beautiful historic palace in the center of town, together with our make-up-artist and the pleasant company of one of our professional photographers.

We made our way to the town hall, precisely to San Bernardino Palace, where we found Michael waiting for his Sam.

A moving civil ceremony, of a young and pure love took place among the beautiful beams that support the ceiling of the hall and the large Renaissance frescoes that cover the walls made the setting particularly moving.

On the way out, the traditional rice throwing arranged by our wedding planner in Rome..

Romantic walks through the townโ€™s allies and a toast to celebrate their new life together.

The photo shoot then continued at Villa D’Este, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as one of the symbols of the Italian Renaissance, an architectural and scenic jewel of Tivoli, a masterpiece of the Italian garden with marvelous fountains, nymphaeums, grottos and water features.

A young couple that chose simplicity over pomp since their love can complete everything.

Thank you for choosing Weddings in Rome for your elopement in Tivoli.