The gorgeous church where the couple chose to get married was located in the heart of Rome. The ornate décor inside the church created the perfect ambiance for this fall wedding. The lovely serenade of the organist echoed in the walls that created the most romantic atmosphere as the bride walked down the aisle. Cecil was simply breathtaking. She wore a fairytale dress with elegant floral detail, Jonathan was all smiles as his beautiful bride-to-be walked down the aisle. It was such a wonderful and love-filled ceremony. When Cecilia and Jonathan were pronounced man and wife, the congregation cheered. It was the start of their new life together, and also the start to the night of celebration that was to come!

The Church was conveniently located near some of Rome’s best spots for photos following. Their photographer captured amazing photos in various locations, evening capturing the two in front of the Roman Forum. The pictures turned out wonderfully, and are sure to be a very special memory for the couple. And while they were taking photos around the city, guests made their way to the roof top restaurant for the reception. The weather was spectacular for the outdoor cocktail hour that followed the ceremony. The guests were able to soak in spectacular views…how marvelous! It could not have been a better day to enjoy views of the city and some great company leading up to the reception.

The theme for the wedding was emerald green, so every detail at the reception perfectly matched that. There were white flowers in bouquets scattered around the tables. The dinner served was delicious. Live piano music for the couple’s romantic first dance.

It was an honor to be a part of Cecilia and Jonathan’s special day. They were such a delight to work with and we wish them the best in their new life together. Thank you for choosing Weddings in Rome.