Marriage proposal in Rome!

Simple things are the most beautiful … it couldn’t be more true!

Kevin contacted our company, Weddings in Rome,  to arrange a marriage proposal for his partner Marion, while they were traveling in our capital, Rome!

A beautiful May day spent at the famous “Giardino degli Aranci” at the top of the Aventine hill.

At the most beautiful hour, at sunset, from above, in front of a breathtaking view on a bench, Marion found a splendid bouquet of red roses and a bottle of champagne with two glasses, Kevin bent down in front of the emotion of the his beloved and gave her a beautiful ring, asking her to marry him.

Then followed a romantic walk in the rose garden’ “roseto” of the city, surrounded by greenery and beautiful roses of all kinds.

To end the day in the best possible way, a pleasant and intimate picnic. We have, therefore, set up a space in the park for the couple with soft cushions, red rose petals and a wicker basket full of good Italian food! Throughout the day one of our professional photographers was able to capture every emotion that arose spontaneously on the face of the future spouses.

Best wishes again to our couple “from Paris to Rome with love”!