Surprise Surprise! Andrew and Sarah 25th anniversary

andrew and sara 25th anniversary in italy

Andrew and Sarah 25th anniversary

When Andrew’s sister-in-law contacted us to arrange a surprise for Andrew and Sarah we were thrilled! We love arranging surprises!

Andrew and Sarah are a lovely couple from England who came to Rome to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Little did Sarah know that not only will she visit beautiful Rome but that a romantic surprise ceremony was arranged for her too. 

Andrew and his sister-in-law selected a small castle a few minutes from downtown Rome. The Castle sits amidst verdant plains and sinuous hills. The tower, the garden and the chapel, are just some of the things that made this castle romantic and enchanting.

Sarah’s comment made my day… when she told me this vow renewal ceremony was better than her wedding!

So young and beautiful with four grown-up children. Wow…congratulations!