Persian and Catholic Ceremony for our Canadian couple!

Elegant wedding venue Rome

Wedding Mandana and Kevin

A beautiful blend of religion, culture and love, Mandana and Kevin’s wedding day was one the most unique wedding celebrations that was our pleasure to help plan. When Mandana and Kevin were engaged to be married, they knew Rome would be the wedding destination of their dreams. And on a beautiful Tuesday morning in May, friends and family gathered in the Santa Maria del Popolo to witness the marriage of this couple. Santa Maria del Popolo is a very exquisite church with beautiful Caravaggio paintings along the walls. These works of art and the simple décor of a few vases of white flowers around the kneeling bench made for a great atmosphere.

It was so beautiful to see this Mandana and Kevin make a promise of a lifetime, especially in front of all our their guests that had come so far. Both Canadian natives themselves, Mandana and Kevin and most of their guests traveled all the way from Canada to celebrate together in Rome, which made it that much more special. The love between the two was palpable as they exchanged their vows. Mandana looked gorgeous in a strapless white satin dress with layers of tulle on the side, and her husband looked very handsome in his black tuxedo. They were such a beautiful and happy couple. The congregation cheered as Kevin and his stunning bride were officially pronounced as man and wife. It was such a wonderful celebratory moment for the couple at the beginning of their life together.

The ceremonial portion of Kevin and Mandana’s day did not end there. The love and magic of their day only continued as they held a second, symbolic Persian ceremony in a Villa’s gardens, one of Rome’s best wedding locations. The quiet gardens provide a beautiful and intimate space for a marriage ceremony with an absolutely breath-taking view of the city. And it was the most perfect for oasis for Mandana and Kevin’s traditional Persian ceremony.

Honoring both their religion and cultural backgrounds, the symbolic Persian ceremony was a wonderful addition to the day. Green, white, and gold décor accented the beautiful space. There was an ensemble of Persian instruments, incense, flowers and fruit, cookies, and mirrors and candles all arranged in the gardens.

In traditional Persian culture, the mirror symbolizes eternity, and the candlesticks in front symbolize brightness of the future and eternal passion. We were also told that the mirror and candlesticks would be displayed in Mandana and Kevin’s new home as a reminder of their wedding day and a keepsake for them to cherish their love for each other. How special! This second ceremony was truly so touching. It was so nice to see such an important part of this couple’s life kept sacred by making this a part of their wedding day.

With both the religious and symbolic ceremony completed, it was finally time to celebrate! Their reception followed immediately after their ceremony. Guests were able to soak in the city view during the cocktail hour before heading inside the venue. As they walked in, they were greeted with to an exquisite venue space. Going along with the color scheme, there were long imperial tables with green and white flowers and golden candles flickering in between each bouquet. The chairs were a beautiful gold color as well. All of this, along with the up lighting and drapes over the windows, created a very elegant and romantic atmosphere. The bride and groom had a small table to themselves.

Mandana and Kevin shared their first dance has husband and wife, and throughout the reception, there were many cheers and toasting to honor the couple. You could see the happiness in their smiles each time they looked at each other. The dinner served was delicious, and the desserts to follow were even better. And of course, there were plenty of drinks to go around! The DJ turned up the music after dinner was finished, and guests were up on their feet dancing the rest of the night! It was so much fun and such an amazing way to end the day. From the meaningful and beautiful ceremonies to the fantastic reception, it was a day that Mandana and Kevin are sure not to forget.

It was such a pleasure to work with Mandana and Kevin. We thank them for sharing their religion and culture with us, and we were so glad to share in their celebration in the beautiful city of Rome. Congratulations to you, Mandana and Kevin, and best wishes to you both in your new life together!