Lorena & Michael our Scottish couple!

Scottish wedding rome

Wedding Lorena and Michael

It was a beautiful October day in Rome to celebrate the union of two very wonderful people, Lorena and Michael! This lovely couple from Scotland chose to tie the knot in one of the most historic parts of Rome. From the kilts to the Coliseum, the “I-do’s” to the dance floor, it was surely a day Lorena and Michael will never forget!

Location is key when it comes planning a wedding, and Lorena and Michael did it just perfectly. The two chose an exquisite Church in the heart of Rome to exchange their nuptials. The venue for the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The aisles were lined with bouquets of pink and white roses, and the flower girls were wearing baby blue dresses to complete the color scheme. In typical Scottish fashion, the groom wore a traditional kilt to greet his bride at the altar. It was a very nice touch to the ceremony to see the couple honoring their Scottish heritage.

The bride Lorena wore a lace dress with a pretty floral accent piece in her hair. She looked like a dream as she walked down the aisle to meet Michael and make a promise of a lifetime. The ceremony itself was wonderful…the soprano, string duo, organ serenaded the walls of the Church. The music was a special extra touch to what was a very moving ceremony! The couple was beaming with love as they exchange nuptials in front of their friends and family. Following the ceremony, Lorena and Michael captured some gorgeous photos throughout the streets of Rome and in some of the most iconic places such as the Roman Forum. And before long, it was time to celebrate the occasion with their loved ones!

The reception to follow took place just steps away from the Church at a breath-taking Palace. This palace was the perfect venue to celebrate their new marriage. High ceilings with cascading drapes, ornate embellishments along the walls, grand mirrors and crystal chandeliers were just a few stunning decorations that the rooms in Palace held. Filled with history and romance, it seemed as though each room in the palace was more exquisite as the next. You could tell that Lorena, Michael, and all of their guests that came to celebrate were having a wonderful time.

Lorena and Michael shared their first dance together as husband and wife, and it was very sweet to witness this moment. The main area of the reception took place in an elegant room with a white, cream, and gold color scheme that went perfectly with Lorena and Michael’s romantic theme.

The food was excellent and the there were plenty of drinks to go around. And of course, there was no shortage of dancing among this wedding party! There was live music and a DJ that kept everyone dancing into the night. When the celebrations had finally some to an end, guests left with party favors of colored almond candies, also known as “Italian confetti” and sweet boxes accented with ribbon and a white rose. It was the perfect send-off for the guests and a wonderful keepsake for them to remember the love that Lorena and Michael shared on this day and for the rest of their lives.

Every detail that went into this wedding made it so special and memorable. We were honored to be a part of this beautiful day and we wish a lifetime of love and happiness to the newlyweds.

Congratulations, Lorena and Michael!