Jennie and Joe a penguin affair in Rome!

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Wedding Jennie and Joe

Jennie and Joe were an absolute delight to help plan a wedding for! The couple from Liverpool loves Rome, and chose a wonderful and historic location for the ceremony a church that was built in the 10th century, located right next to the Roman Forum. Its interior is decorated with beautiful marble and mosaics, and the altar where the two exchanged vows was adorned with white roses…it was quite beautiful! A cello played during this lovely intimate ceremony.

What made this wedding so special was how unique and personalized it was. Jennie had an origami bouquet made with maps of Rome and the couple’s theme color was purple. Her bridesmaid wore a purple dress, and Joe had purple tie and flowers on his suit as well!  The fun part was the penguins! The couple absolutely loves them, so much so that Joe proposed to Jennie at the zoo in Liverpool in front of the penguins! They are known to be like penguins among their friends because they are always together. They had a small stuffed animal penguin on the pillow with their rings, and a chair during the ceremony for their favorite stuffed animal penguin that always travels with them. How cute! 

Joe looked handsome in his suit converse shoes as he took the subway to the church, while Jennie walked in her stunning white dress. She was staying in a cute small boutique hotel close to the Colosseum and the church. Her parents took the “riscio’” bike, and there are even pictures to capture the moment! After the ceremony, the couple had photos taken inside of the Roman Forum, which was the center of public life in ancient Rome. The ruins, including the Arch of Septimius Severus, created beautiful backgrounds for the photographs. Overall, this was a wonderful wedding with a great couple!

Congratulations, Joe and Jennie!