A first time for Weddings in Rome a couple from Costa Rica!

South American wedding in Rome

Wedding Jose and Tatiana

It was certainly a pleasure arranging Jose and Tatiana’s wedding in Tivoli. Jose and Tatiana lodged at a lovely historic hotel in Tivoli. Following Tatiana’s hair and make-up session, off we went for a 3-minute walk through historic Tivoli to the town Hall where the wedding took place.

The Officiant’s warm words and the sound of violin’s music created a romantically moving ceremony. Following the ceremony, we celebrated by tossing rice in the “piazza” adjacent to the town hall. Even the local children participated; what fun!

The lovely town of Tivoli offers piazzas, narrow cobblestone streets, pedestrian areas; a cute town, with warm and hospitable inhabitants. So many people cheered the couple as they walked through the town center. There were families sitting in the piazzas while the children played football/soccer, just the way it always has been!!

Also located in Tivoli, are beautiful Unesco’s sites such as: Villa d’Este, Villa Gregoriana and Villa Adriana. Jose and Tatiana chose Villa d’Este for their wedding photos; an excellent choice!!

Villa d’Este, has an Italian garden that is a masterpiece. It has an impressive number of fountains, nymphs, grottoes, plays of water, and music. In fact, it is a much-copied model for European gardens in the Mannerist and Baroque styles. It is especially stunning in Spring as it there is an abundance of gorgeous flowers, the mesmerizing fragrance of Wisteria, the sound of fountains and birds accompanied by phenomenal sunsets; it is absolutely breathtaking.!

We here at Weddings in Rome wish Tatiana and Jose all the best and enjoyment from their especially memorable wedding in Italy!