Wedding at a fairytale castle!

Irish wedding rome

Wedding Carrie and Joe

It was an absolute pleasure to help plan the wedding of our fun and beautiful couple, Carrie and Joe! The two currently reside in Ireland, which is Joe’s homeland, but will soon move to Carrie’s native country, Canada! 35 guests traveled from both Canada and Ireland to the Eternal City of Rome to help celebrate their special day!

The couple chose a gorgeous stone castle outside of Rome for their wedding ceremony. What is more magical than a wedding in a real castle!? It was so quaint and picturesque; it almost could have been in a fairytale! A spiral staircase led to the entrance- a wonderful photograph of Carrie was captured as she ascended the stairs in her white dress. So pretty! The castle was tucked into the hillside and had the most stunning views of the countryside. The ceremony itself took place in one of the most charming rooms in castle—it was covered in intricate and exquisite murals and paintings. It was a very touching and lovely wedding!

Carrie wore a beautiful lace dress with jeweled accents in the front, as well as an elegant veil. She carried a nice spring bouquet filled with while and pink flowers with green leaf accents. The couple was smiles galore throughout the day; you could tell how truly happy they were! Carrie and Joe took pictures in front of some of the most beautiful and historic spots in Rome, such as the Forum and a large marble column engraved “S.P.Q.R”, as well as plenty of pictures in and around the castle!

After the ceremony, friends and family enjoyed an authentic Italian experience for the reception.

They continued the celebration at a typical restaurant in Rome in the beautiful neighborhood of Trastevere. They even had some typical Roman music too! It was such a wonderful day filled with great memories. Congratulations Carrie and Joe!