Scottish Wedding at Ariccia’s town hall!

Civil wedding Ariccia

Wedding Jeannie and Gordon

Another wonderful wedding is celebrated in Rome with our Scottish couple, Jeannie and Gordon! The two chose Ariccia’s town hall as the venue for their civil ceremony. It was an intimate celebration, they were joined by Jeannie’s son and a couple of friends… which made it all the more romantic!

The town hall really was a wonderful venue to tie the knot. Located just south of Rome, the town hall in Ariccia is the perfect location for a wedding. The interior of the hall is absolutely stunning—from the marble floors, to the detailed columns, to the scenic alfresco paintings on the walls. The combination of the sun shining through the large windows and the light blue walls with pictures of birds and flowers really made it feel as though they were outside! This Bernini, baroque palace truly was a magical spot!

Jeannie wore a beautiful long green dress, which looked quite nice with her bouquet of white and pink flowers. Gordon as well as the other men wore typical Scottish kilts. After the ceremony, the couple had a toast and their first dance just outside the town hall on its beautiful courtyard. The view was exquisite! What a lovely celebration of love! Congratulations Jeannie and Gordon!