Rebecca and Geoffrey romanticism in Tivoli – Villa d’Este

Tivoli Villa d'Este wedding in italy

Wedding Rebecca and Geoffrey

Rebecca and Geoffrey an “Ameuropean” couple. She from Northern Europe, British origins living in the US, Jeffrey Canadian.

Rebecca and Jeffrey weren’t sure between a civil wedding in Rome or Tivoli. They wanted something typical, romantic representing Rome in it’s rustic typical way: ivy, views and an intimate wedding.

The opted for a Civil wedding in Tivoli’s town Hall. Tivoli is an elegant little town in the Rome outskirts perfect for couples who are after a wedding in Rome but prefer a more intimate wedding hall. .

Tivoli is the site of some of Italy’s most famous gardens, the Tivoli Gardens and Villa d’Este which contain over 500 of the most famous fountains of Rome. Tivoli offers a long history together with ancient Temples and Villas to visit.

Tivoli wedding hall is elegant & finely decorated, located in a 16th century convent, now used by the local town hall for weddings. The Red Wedding Hall in Tivoli is the finest, with ancient frescos and 16th century’s details still perfectly preserved.

Following their wedding Rebecca and Geoffrey together with family and friends arranged an “aperitivo” drink with snacks at a typical pedestrian square. Very relaxing…

Then they went to fabulous Villa d’Este to take gorgeous pictures at a beautiful setting such as Villa diets. Not to be missed.

Rebecca and Geoffrey concluded their wedding at a lovely restaurant right next to the Gregorian Temple. Lovely private room, views, typical patio with ivy and flowers. It was a success!