Nicole & Stacy’s wedding in Rome!

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Wedding Nicole and Stacy

There are few things more beautiful and moving in life than seeing a bride on her wedding day. With her hair and makeup done, wearing her dream dress and the expression of excitement on her face as she is marrying the one that she loves, you cannot help but be in awe at her joy and beauty. We were lucky enough to be a part of a wedding for not only one bride but TWO lovely brides as they celebrated the beginning of their life together! Double the dresses, bouquets, beauty, and above all, double the love. Nicole and Stacey, our young couple from New York, chose to share their special day with us and we are so happy that they did. It was a magical day.

Nicole and Stacey tied the knot in Trastevere, a historic part of Rome that is just outside the city center. With it’s cobblestone streets, artistic flare, and historical charm; it was the perfect location for the couple to say I Do. To go along with their “rustic-chic” wedding theme, Nicole and Stacey chose a restaurant in Trastevere to have both their symbolic ceremony and reception. It was wonderful that it all took place in one place. Before walking down the aisle, the brides chose to get ready alongside their bridesmaids in an exclusive designer’s hotel- so nice! There was so much laughter and love in the air leading up to the special moment.

Each of their wedding gowns was different in it’s own way, yet both were simply stunning…just like the brides! Their dresses, along with their one rustic and one chic bouquet, went along wonderfully with the theme and let their personalities shine through. When it was finally time for the ceremony, there was not a dry eye in the house. Stacey and Nicole exchanged such genuine and moving vows during the symbolic ceremony, and it was clear how much love the couple shared. Family and friends shared in their joy when the ceremony was over. It was such a happy moment!

After the ceremony concluded, their photographers took some snapshots of the two around the city, And the photos they captured were absolutely breathtaking. Shots of Stacey and Nicole walking through the streets of Trastevere, moments the couple shared standing in front of historic buildings. Most of the pictures they took were edited to black and white, which added such a romantic and timeless touch to the memories they will surely cherish forever. When it was time for the reception, the couple headed back to join all of their guests at the same restaurant where the ceremony took place.

The food was delicious and the service was excellent. And of course, there was plenty of dancing too. Guests and the couple were enjoying themselves very much. There were many small details in the décor and planning on the reception that showed just how much thought Nicole and Stacey put into their rustic chic Roman wedding. It was definitely clear to the guests, who walked away with wedding favors of bread and olive oil to remember this special wedding in Rome. Such a great touch! And to top it off, the couple rode away together in a Fiat 1100 in typical Italian fashion! There was no better send off to end a perfect day!

We were so delighted to work with Nicole and Stacey to help them plan their special day. They were so easy to work with and it was truly a pleasure to be a part of it all. Nicole and Stacey, we wish you nothing but a lifetime of laughter, love, and happiness. Congratulations to you both!