Lisa and Mike’s wedding: couldn’t get more history than this!

lisa and mike's wedding banquet in rome

Wedding Lisa and Mike

After months of planning, Lisa and Mike finally traveled east from Canada to say their I-dos and to celebrate the wedding of their dreams in the beautiful city of Rome. Their early July wedding was nothing short of beautiful, filled with bold colors and an abundance of friends and family.

The bride and groom chose to hold the ceremony, and other wedding festivities, at a classic, seventeenth century hotel that complimented their baroque-themed wedding beautifully. The hotel was filled with exposed brick and provided an unbelievable view of the city. All guests in attendance stayed at the hotel and got to enjoy the historic venue.

The ceremony was held in a lovely outdoor garden of the hotel and guests anxiously awaited the arrival of the bride. Lisa wore a fitted, satin gown paired with delicate jewelry and carried a bouquet of blooming roses in hues of white and ivory. As Lisa’s mother and father escorted her to the altar, the Italian trio played the always-lovely Ave Maria and guests were undeniably entranced.

The altar, which displayed orange and pink flowers, was outlined by larger bouquets in hues of green, which perfectly framed the couple during the ceremony. Lisa and Mike celebrated their I-dos with a quick “woohoo!” before sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. Afterwards, they joined their guests on the terrace for the highly anticipated reception and dinner.

The reception, which took place on a terrace of the hotel, was overlooking the city and was decorated in great detail. The table was set with flowers, ranging from roses, orchids, lisyanthus, to hydrangeas of all shapes and sizes, consisting of vibrant pinks and purples with subtle hints of green, yellow, and orange, and bold place cards with black frames. The centerpieces of the table were exquisite crystal chandelier candleholders, with teardrop crystal accents.

The reception was filled with lots of laughter and a seemingly endless yet wonderful amount of speeches, and guests enjoyed eating dinner and taking advantage of the beautiful weather. As nighttime began to approach, the centerpiece candles were lit, creating a romantic ambiance, and all guests sung the National Canadian Anthem in honor of Canada’s Independence Day, which happened to be the same day, and sparklers lit the air!

Following dinner, guests moved into an indoor room with a beautiful courtyard and fountain. Lisa and Mike cut the cake, which was decorated with pink and orange flowers and dainty candles, and made a champagne toast. To end the night, everyone enjoyed the DJ, dancing, and, of course, cocktails!

Lastly, I absolutely LOVE Lisa and Mike’s pictures! Some were taken with the police force Carabinieri, and others were taken at the fountain at the Gianicolo, the Colosseum and other historic sites around Rome. Congrats Lisa and Mike!