Gokce and Kerim’s wedding at their dream historic Palace in Rome…

Turkish wedding Rome

Wedding Gokce and Kerim

What a start to 2015! Gokce and Kerim, a Turkish couple from Dubai, kicked off this year’s wedding season in Rome! Over 80 guests from all over the world traveled to this magical city to take part in the couple’s celebration of love. The only guest missing for the festivities was Gokce’s beloved dog! The couple visited Rome prior to the wedding to view venues, and despite the rainy weather during their trip, the two were still able to pick the perfect spot. Gokce and Kerim decided a historic palace that is nothing short of elegant and romantic!

The décor inside the Palace included white drapery, lovely flowers, and crystal chandeliers, all of which made the entire scene quite picturesque. Mellifluous melodies coming from a cello floated in the air as the couple exchanged vows under an exquisite flower arch. As for the bride, Gokce’s eye make-up was absolutely stunning, and it was so nice to have her sister there to assist her! Her bouquet of peonies complimented her dress as well as the wedding theme so well. The couple did a wonderful job choosing the decorations and flower arrangements for this wedding!

After the ceremony guests enjoyed an open bar as well as a delicious spread of food, garnished perfectly. Not to mention that there was a triple layer cake adorned with white roses! It was so pretty that you almost didn’t want to eat it! There was also a 7 element band which was fantastic and made for a lot of great dancing, including the couples romantic first dance.

The couple’s gold wedding theme matched the room very well, and the white flowers with silver candelabras as centerpieces accented the room flawlessly. You could tell that every detail was accounted for as the couple perfectly planned the décor! Guests loved the small limoncellos given as favors at the end of the night…a great Italian treat!

Although the festivities are over, all of the memories, including the breathtaking photos of family the family on the roof top terrace, will be treasured forever! Gokce and Kerim’s wedding was the perfect start to the year! Auguri!