Bert and Gunela, Swedish romanticism experienced in Rome!

bert and gunela wedding in italy

Wedding Bert and Gunela

Bert and Gunela, a lovely Swedish couple, decided to get married in Rome. They knew exactly what they wanted and they wanted it fast! I remember receiving their request on a Friday morning and they wanted a reply that same day! Well…they got it!

I may not be perfect, but if there is one good quality I have it’s that I am quick…when I have a project I follow through immediately! I felt bad for the friends that I had invited for dinner that night because we ended up with pizza; but work is work!!

Bert and Gunela got their ceremony on a terrace overlooking the Coliseum, with a Swedish priest and in company of their two children Simon and Marcus. It was actually Simon and Marcus’s idea that Bert and Gunela get married, and why not in Rome! It was a moving ceremony. Bert and Gunela together with their children were all in tears…

Their special day consisted of violin, a waiting carriage, spumante champagne, photos taken in the center of Rome, dinner on a lovely roof top terrace restaurant on a beautiful day. Can one ask for a more romantic wedding!

It was such a pleasure working with Bert and Gunela and witnessing their joy on their wedding day. We are grateful to have met them and for all their complimentary feedback. Thank-you for choosing us and we wish you many happy years together.