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Umbria, like neighboring Tuscany, is covered in rolling hills quilted with cultivated fields, tracts of vineyards, squares of olive groves, and stalks of sunflowers, all stitched together by lines of trees. With its Renaissance splendor, medieval monuments, and art-adorned churches, Umbria has been dubbed “the New Tuscany.”

In this area you will have the chance to enjoy an atmosphere of bygone times, among the medieval paths, the palaces, the castles and the fortresses of charming villages such as: Spoleto, Assisi, Todi, Gubbio, Perugia just to mention a few.


Finest Wedding Venues in Umbria



Borgo Monferrato

Borgo San Sepolcro

Borgo Longobardo

Castello di Sant’Ubaldo

The Knight Castle

Castello Sforza

Santa Firmina

Villa Domina

Borgo Edera