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The Perfect Day

Make your dreams come true. . .experience the perfect romantic wedding in Rome!

The Eternal City of Rome is the best place on earth to celebrate your eternal love.  Romance is Rome, the ultimate destination for lovers.

Rome offers incalculable opportunities to ignite or rekindle the spark of love. Take your cue from the classic movie, "La Dolce Vita." Marcello Mastroianni became entranced with Anita Ekberg splashing in the Trevi Fountain.  In Rome, you too can experience magic of the Trevi Fountain at night; see the glittering lights and blue water cascade over the centuries-old carved marble with the person you love.  

Gorgeous views abound.  The spectacular sunset, for which the Eternal City is famous, turn its walls and church towers into glittering gold.  Romantic corners offer lovers nicks and hideaways.

Experience delicious authentic Italian food in many numerous cafes lining the charming narrow Roman cobblestone streets!  The mild climate well into the Autumn perfectly suits outdoor eating, drinking and romance.

Your only responsibility is to enjoy the company of your loved ones in Rome’s beautiful surroundings. We make sure your wedding will perfectly meet all of your wishes.  Sit back and relax; you are heading for the wedding of a lifetime!